Monthly fic challenges that go beyond the show...

    I've missed the great challenges presented by the late, lamented Church of X.  There was always a fascinating topic to be found, and several of my own stories were inspired by them.  So, in tribute and in honor of THE X-FILES' ninth and final season, I decided to revive the monthly fic challenge.

    Every month two challenge topics will be posted.  You may answer either challenge or both.  All ratings, pairings and genres are eligible.  No restrictions on who can or cannot be in the story.  (See complete rules HERE.)


Previous Challenges

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Since I'm so frightfully late in posting the July topics, I've decided to extend July through August.  So these topics will cover both months, and the deadline will be August 31st.

July/August 2002

#1 - Monday, Monday...

"Monday" is one of my very favorite episodes.  The concept of time as something other than a universal invariant is usually enough to give me a migraine, but the way it's played out in "Monday" excites me.  We saw several different ways the events of that Monday morning played out, but obviously we didn't see all of them.  Pam tells Mulder he's told her she looks familiar to him at least 50 times -- tell us about one of those other 50 times, or any other time that particular Monday happened.  Don't be afraid to stretch -- show us any characters, with anything happening to them.  What if Scully never made it inside?  What if Pam told Skinner there was a bomb before it blew up?  What if Scully were shot instead of Mulder?  The only rule is that the next day after your story has to be Monday again.  As always, creativity is important.


#2 - ...Can't Trust That Day...

So maybe "Monday" isn't one of your favorites.  Can you think of another episode you'd like to see "Monday"'d?  (If you've never seen "Monday"... basically, time repeats itself until something happens to 'fix' what went wrong.)  Your story can take the premise that the episode you're doing is the 'right' way it should've been, or that it's the 'wrong' way.  Show us "Hollywood A.D." where the movie is good, or "Vienen" where Mulder and Doggett don't get off the oil rig in time, or "Triangle" where Mulder can't escape from 1939, or...  Give us one or two scenarios in your chosen premise -- let your imagination go wild!




All entries must be sent to Lara Means at LaraMeansXF@aol.com.  All entries must have the challenge number (1 or 2) in the subject line.


Ideally, entries should be written specifically for the challenge.  But if you've already written a story that's perfect for the challenge, feel free to enter it.  You may enter as many stories as you like, as long as they answer the challenge.


All entries must be complete stories (no WIPs) and must be at least 8k in size.  There's no restriction on how long a story can be, but if you're submitting something more than 150k, please send it in early.


The deadline is midnight U.S. Central time on the last day of the challenge month (i.e., April 30 for the April challenge).  Winners will be announced and the next month's challenge topics posted no later than five days after the deadline.


All stories entered will be archived here.


Entries can be sent either in the body of an e-mail, as a link to the story at your website, or as an attached text file.  If sending a link, make sure it's the direct URL to the story.  If sending an attached file, please make sure it's a .txt file -- .doc and .rtf files will not be opened or converted (in other words, your entry would be disqualified).


Entries will be judged by the archivist (that's me).  The decisions of the judge are final.  If there are fewer than five entries total, the judge reserves the right to extend the challenge deadline or not select a winner, at her discretion.


Format and spelling DO count!  If your story suffers from long-line/short-line disease, it's hard to read -- not a good thing.  Also -- there's no C in Frohike, no E in Langly, no H in Krycek...


As was the practice at The Church of X, the judge may award up to First, Second and Third Place among all challenge entries received for that month.  In other words, a story answering challenge #2 may get First Place, with Second going to a challenge #1 entry, etc.  The judge is not obligated to award beyond First Place, especially if fewer than five entries are received.


Winners will receive a lovely custom graphic created by me.

That's it!  Now, put those thinking caps on and start writing!

                                                                                                        -- Lara Means


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