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April 2002



The Truth Within (topic #1) by Kathleen A. Klatte


OTHER ENTRIES (alpha by title):

The Departure (topic #1) by sparkle*

Rights of Passage (topic #1) by Kimberly


Thanks for entering!

#1 - The End of an Era

The show is coming to a close.  If you were in charge, how would it end?  How would you wrap up nine years of monsters and mytharc, character development and continuity problems?  You can leave room for another movie if you want, leave questions unanswered, change things you didn't like -- unlike Chris Carter, you don't have to worry about production budgets, network execs or actors' schedules, so come up with your perfect ending.


#2 - FutureWorld

Take our characters ten years into the future.  Who are they now?  What's their world like?  This can be post-colonization, post-invasion, post-nothing-ever-happened... use your imagination and create your view of THE X-FILES + 10.  Happily-ever-after is to be avoided -- life is big and complex, and THE X-FILES has been populated by complex people.  Dig deep and show us how the past nine years and the next ten have affected them.