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May 2002



1st Place
Praying to Die (#2) by E. Watson

2nd Place
The Source (#2) by jeri


OTHER ENTRIES (alpha by title):

Long Way Home (#1) by PegE

Never Thought I'd Have to Say Goodbye (#2) by Doc

Once More Into the Breech (#1) by Michelle Lellouche

Thanks for entering!

#1 - Chris Carter Called...

...and he's changed his mind.  He wants to do a 10th season after all.  All the actors have agreed to come back if he wants them.  And Mr. Carter has asked YOU to write the season premiere.  Show me how you'd open Season 10.  Like any good premiere episode, your story should follow upon events in the finale (I don't read spoilers, so I'll be reading stories after the finale airs).  You have an unlimited budget, and you can even write it for HBO if you want.  ;-)  Make yours the single highest-rated season premiere in the show's history.


#2 - Underused But Not Underloved

We all have favorite supporting characters who've occasionally been underused on the show.  Now's your chance to let them shine.  Pick a supporting character and retell an episode from his/her point of view.  Make him/her the lead in your version -- A.D. Follmer's view of "4-D," Skinner's secretary's take on "S.R. 819," etc.  S/He doesn't have to have actually been in the episode -- Maggie Scully wasn't in "Empedocles" but you could tell her version of events.  Any character other than the leads is fair game, and stretching beyond what might be expected is a good thing.