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June 2002



1st Place
The Promise (#1) by Kristen K2

2nd Place
Concessions Broken (#1) by Deslea R. Judd

3rd Place
Freedom's Ring (#2) by Michele Lellouche


OTHER ENTRIES (alpha by title):

Concessions Made (#1) by Deslea R. Judd

For the Second Time (#1) by Wolf

Shell Game (#2) by Sue

Unshed Tears (#1) by SunReyes


Thanks for entering!

#1 - What If...

(This was my favorite challenge topic from last year's Purity Control summer challenges, and with the webmasters' permission I'm posing it here.)

What if Emily had survived?  What if Teena Mulder hadn't died?  What if Scully had really resigned to go be a doctor?  Here's your chance to right a wrong, or just play around with fate.  Take any plot element from the show and change it.  Any element at all -- big, small, mytharc-related, MOTW-related, affecting anyone.  What if Krycek was a good guy?  What if Scully hadn't been abducted?  What if Mulder had slept with Phoebe Green?  You get the idea -- let your imagination run wild!


#2 - And Then What?

Everybody has at least one episode a season that they really don't like all that much.  Some of us have a few episodes we really, really don't like.  Can these episodes be redeemed with post-ep fic?  I say, let's give it a shot!  Pick one of your least favorite episodes and write a post-ep fic for it.  Any season, any episode.  You can pick something everybody hates (like, say, "Teso dos Bichos") or something only you dislike -- but please, be honest with yourself.  Don't suddenly decide that you hated "Bad Blood" just so you can use it for this challenge.  Creativity and a sense of fun are what's important here!